• Specifications: Si30-45,Al7-10 or customization
  • Shape: lumps/powder
  • Usage: Steel Industry/Foundry Industry
  • Particle size: 10-50mm,10-100mm or customization
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Product Description:

Deoxidizer can be used for slag refining pig iron, ordinary casting, etc. Deoxidizer can well increase furnace temperature, increase the fluidity of molten iron, high-quality slag removal, increase the grade, and update the toughness and cutting ability of castings. Stainless steel manufacturers use deoxidizers as reducing agents in the process of refining stainless steel in electric furnaces to upgrade efficiency and output.

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Advantage Of Deoxidizer

The silicon in the deoxidizer reacts with oxygen in the furnace to generate SiO2, while releasing a large amount of heat, which can effectively increase the furnace temperature, reduce the use of coking coal, and save smelting costs. Adding deoxidizing elements to steel makes it react with oxygen to generate deoxidized products that are insoluble in molten steel, and float from the molten steel into the slag. The oxygen content in the steel meets the requirements of the steel type.

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