Ferro Silicon Aluminum

Ferro Silicon Aluminum

  • Specifications: FeAl47Si10/FeAl42Si15 and etc
  • Shape: Lump/Grain/Powder
  • Usage: Steel Industry/Metallurgical Industry
  • Particle size: 10-50mm or customization
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Product Description:

Silicon Aluminum Iron alloy is a deoxidizer used in steelmaking production.

Improving the shape of inclusions and reducing the content of gas elements in molten steel is an effective new technology to improve steel quality, reduce costs, and save aluminum. For the production of silicon-aluminum ferroalloy, according to the raw material processing methods, there are two types: the ore reducing agent is directly put into the furnace after batching and the other is first treated by pelletizing and then put into the furnace.

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Advantages Of Silicon Aluminum Iron

As a composite deoxidizer, ferrosilicon aluminum not only achieves an obvious aluminum-saving effect (40-50% more aluminum than when pure aluminum is used), but also achieves the same final oxygen content level and mechanical properties as pure aluminum deoxidation. Moreover, the pouring performance of some molten steel has been improved, and phenomena such as nozzle nodules have been greatly reduced.

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