• Specifications: 3Re-8Mg or 5Re-8Mg or customized
  • Shape: Lump/Particle/Powder
  • Usage: Steel Industry/Foundry Industry
  • Particle size: 5-30mm or Customized
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Product Description

Additives that make graphite in cast iron crystallize into spherical shapes are called "spheroidizers". The main component of "spheroidizing agent" is nodularizing elements, such as Mg, Ce, Ca, etc. Spheroidal graphite in ductile cast iron is formed by spheroidizing molten cast iron, making it much stronger than gray cast iron and tougher than malleable cast iron, while maintaining a series of advantages of gray cast iron. However, the "spheroidizer" used in the casting of ductile iron can increase the tendency of the weld to produce "white mouth" and hardened structure, and induce cracks in the weld and heat-affected zone (especially the fusion zone). Therefore, the weldability of ductile iron is worse than that of gray cast iron

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Cast Iron Casting Field:

1、Magnesium content 4%, 5%, 5.5% are low magnesium spheroidizing agents, RE between 1% and 2%, mostly used for medium frequency furnace smelting, low sulfur liquid spheroidizing treatment. It has the advantages of mild spheroidization reaction and easy absorption of spheroidized elements.

2、Content of magnesium 6%, 7% is a magnesium series of spheroidizing agent, mainly used for cupola, electric furnace double smelting, or intermediate frequency furnace smelting pearlite shape as cast ductile iron castings. According to the casting wall thickness and the sulfur content of molten iron, the appropriate amount of spheroidizing agent was determined.

3、High magnesium series spheroidizing agent, suitable for cupola smelting, sulfur content 0.06%-0.09% of liquid iron, the addition of 1.6%-2.0%. 

4、Low aluminum spheroidizer is used in castings that are prone to subcutaneous porosity defects and castings that require aluminum content in molten iron. 

5、Spheroidizing agent produced by pure Ce and La has less inclusions in liquid iron after spheroidizing and spheroidizing. 

6、The spheroidizing agent produced by yttrium heavy rare earth is suitable for large section castings, delaying spheroidizing decline and preventing massive graphite. 

7、Spheroidizing agent containing Sb is used for pearlitic nodular cast iron. 

8、Low silicon spheroidizing agent is suitable for casting factories that use a large amount of recycle charge. 

9、Nickel-magnesium spheroidizing agent is used in high nickel austenitic ductile iron. 

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