• Specifications: Customized
  • Shape: Lumps/Grains
  • Usage: Steel Industry/Foundry Industry
  • Particle size: Customized
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The main component of ferrovanadium is an iron alloy of vanadium and iron. It is obtained by reducing vanadium pentoxide with carbon in an electric furnace. It can also be obtained by reducing vanadium pentoxide by the silicon thermal method of an electric furnace. It is widely used as an element additive in smelting vanadium-containing alloy steel and alloy cast iron, and is also used to make permanent magnets.

GradeChemical Composition(%)

Mainly used for smelting alloy steel

1. In ordinary low alloy steel, vanadium mainly refines grains, increases the strength of steel and inhibits its aging effect;

2. in alloy structural steel, it refines grains, increases the strength and toughness of steel;

3. in spring steel, it is combined with chromium or manganese Use together to increase the elastic limit of steel and improve its quality;

4. in tool steel, it mainly refines the structure and grain of steel, increases the tempering stability of steel, enhances its secondary hardening effect, improves its wear resistance, and prolongs The service life of tools;

5. in heat-resistant steel and hydrogen-resistant steel, vanadium also plays a beneficial role;

6. vanadium added to cast iron promotes the formation of pearlite due to the formation of carbides, stabilizes cementite, and the shape of graphite particles is fine and Uniform and refine the grains of the matrix, thus improving the hardness, tensile strength and wear resistance of the casting

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