High Carbon Silicon

High Carbon Silicon

  • Specifications: 6517 6818( Si:40-68% C:12-20%)
  • Shape: Lump/Powder
  • Usage: Steel Industry/Foundry Industry
  • Particle size: 0-10mm、10-100mm、 10-50mm or customization
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High carbon silicon ( silicon carbon alloy) is a  composite alloy deoxidizer, which can replace the more expensive traditional deoxidizers - ferrosilicon powder, calcium carbide, carbon powder and alloy powder. High-carbon silicon has stable physical and chemical properties and good deoxidation effect. When added to molten steel, it can quickly react with oxygen to form steel slag that floats on the surface of molten steel to achieve deoxidation.

GradeChemical Composition(%)


It is main used in foundries. As you know the cast iron contain C: 2-4%, Si: 1-3%, and Carbon and silicon are the main elements affecting the microstructure of cast iron.High Carbon Silicon has made carbon alloyed in it, so it can provide the two elements effectively. Lately it also be used in steel making, especially steel scraps melting. It serves as deoxidizer and efficient heating agent (Si&C: 6.58kcal/g, 1.24kcal/g each) and recarburizer. With Si&C at least 90%, the impurity is very less, so the input is easy to control. 

high carbon silicon

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