Chinese electrolytic manganese has seen a significant price increase

After the pre-holiday surge in Manganese Ore prices, Chinese Silicon-Manganese and electrolytic manganese flake products have both experienced a wave of price increases. Many suppliers, seeing the rise in prices, have stopped actively quoting prices and instead are waiting to see how the market develops. With overseas Manganese Ore prices continuously rising, the price of Chinese manganese alloys will remain strong. If there are no cheaper alternatives, consumers of electrolytic manganese flakes will need to accept higher prices in the coming days, with prices expected to rise further in the next week.

Based on the current rate of price increases, many suppliers are offering quotes with a validity period of one day or are temporarily refraining from quoting prices. A trader in Hunan revealed that they are currently quoting 12,800 CNY per ton ex-factory cash for electrolytic manganese with a purity of 99.7% min, and they do not accept sales prices below 12,600 CNY per ton. Their most recent transaction dates back to last week when they sold 120 tons at an ex-factory cash price of around 12,450 CNY per ton. The trader maintains a cautiously optimistic outlook on the market prospects, stating, "Since downstream demand has not significantly increased, we believe prices may peak in the next few days. However, we will continue to adhere to high quotations during this time."

Observing that downstream demand has not significantly increased, Hainan West Asia speculates that the prices of manganese series products will continue to rise for a short period in the future but will eventually return to normal price ranges as downstream demand stabilizes. For more market information and product prices, please consult Hainan West Asia Import & Export Group.


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