Ferrochrome prices show a downward trend

Hainan West Asia Group stated that the price of micro-carbon ferrochrome at Tianjin port this week is as follows:

FeCr 65v10 2.08~2.13USD/LB

FeCr 60v10 2.05~2.08USD/LB

Relevant salespersons in Hainan and West Asia revealed that they have recently received many inquiries and updates about European micro-carbon ferrochrome, mainly about Cr65%, C 0.1%max and Cr60%, C 0.1%max. Last week, the price quoted to one of the European customers was FeCr 60v10 2.16USD/LB CIF Rotterdam. This week’s updated quotation dropped by 0.03USD/LB. If the impact of sea freight price fluctuations is not taken into account, ferrochrome prices will be even lower.

According to the analysis of Hainan West Asia Group, the reason for the fine adjustment of ferrochrome decline is the recent reduction in purchasing demand and bleak trading volume, but we expect that the probability of ferrochrome prices continuing to decline is low.

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